a quick meal for busy bees

Monday, December 10, 2012 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments

Source: recipe.com via Karen on Pinterest

one thing that excites me about living solo is being able to cook my own meals, and basically ruling over the kitchen with all the mess and clutter i could possibly create while having the liberty to clean them off right away or let them sit still for a while as i do other stuff.

but that is not the point of this post. :) moving on... in the few weeks of my meal preparations,  i found that (chicken) wraps are one of the easiest meals one could possibly prepare. it is something that can be prepared over night. the most time-consuming part (but not really) is cooking the "filling". i usually just stir fry chicken strips, slices of onions, carrots, bell pepper and season them with salt and pepper. when i have this for lunch, i wrap the filling in small-sized tortillas (i usually have three small chicken wraps for lunch) and just reheat them in the microwave. when i am at home, i reheat the filling then i place the tortilla on top to heat it as well (making it softer). this is yummier with cheese and hot sauce. 

here is another chicken wrap recipe. you may try different kinds of fillings you fancy. i love this because you can easily add vegetables to your meals, plus it's a quick fix!

how about you, have you been cooking lately?