spring, a season of new beginnings

Monday, December 10, 2012 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments

vivaldi's spring in violin by kyung wha chung.

i read this book, not so long ago  (in fact i just finished it last night), about two soul sisters who went to venice and got to experience "her" beauty and majesty in its entire glory and antiquity. the book was fun to read and quite visual and descriptive with venice being its main attraction. i read it with a light heart and a smile on my face and felt as if i was in venezia too with the lovely women. and so i dreamed, one day, i'd be in venice! seriously!

the ladies talked about flavors and flavors of gelato, the richness of italian espresso, the freshness of baci, the charming gondolas and gondoliers, the beautiful grand canal, the ancient and extravagant basilicas, the breath-taking sunsets and the vast expanse of plazas crowded with tourists and locals, and of course the classical music and musicians that graced the "soils" of venice in the centuries that have passed.

one of them is vivaldi. the book painted a scene in which a young man plays a violin in the middle of the piazza every single day, his favorite - vivaldi's four seasons. i know i've heard of this piece (or pieces) before but i just couldn't recall the sound of it. it was "spring" in particular. so while reading, i jotted down "listen to vivaldi's four seasons" just so i could relate more to the book using as many of my senses as possible. 

and so i feel that this is worthy of a post. spring. i love that every once in a while (a constant occurrence in fact)  spring comes allowing everyone to start afresh, be refreshed.