2013 // day 08

Tuesday, January 08, 2013 Veronica Joyce 2 Comments

...getting sick reminds you to eat healthy...

following a bad news, i got sick on the 8th day of the year. i was physically and emotionally stressed - two things that when mixed up give way to a terrible result. i woke up with body pain, sore throat and slight fever. but i insisted on going to work which didn't make me feel any better. at noon, my head was aching so much it felt it could explode any minute. i cancelled all my plans after work and headed straight home. i prepared rice porridge with other "healthy" stuff in it and ate slices of papaya while i waited for my porridge to cook.

i vow 2013 to be a healthy year for me. but i guess, the body can't handle too much stress. so much more when it lacks the nutrients it needs. so along with enriching my mind and my pocket this year, i will try my best to give my body the proper care and nutrition it so deserves. i constantly remind myself that no material thing, absolutely nothing, will matter if you are not in the best shape to enjoy it.



  1. I know the feeling. I battled a nasty upper respiratory infection for almost a month. I finally felt up to running again today, but could only get to 3 miles when I'm used to being able to run 5. Quite a setback, but I suppose I'm just happy to be healthy again.

    Get well soon! Lots of rest, fluids, juice and vitamin C. Chicken noodle soup with fresh ground black pepper works wonders as well.


    1. aww... good to know your finally well.. just take it one step at a time, for sure, you'll be back in shape soon enough. thanks for the great advice. i'll surely try chicken noodle soup! i think i have everything that i need to cook it at home :)

      thanks for dropping by, Reese! :)