that aching feeling that accompanies love

Monday, January 07, 2013 Veronica Joyce 4 Comments

love hurts.

heartaches do not only come from a broken heart - when a significant person leaves, cheats, or falls out of love. heartaches do not only ensue from the fading away of the said feeling; at times, the heart aches when love overflows. 

when love is so great yet rendered helpless. admittedly, in spite of our desire to see the ones we love always happy and well, we cannot fully shield them from life's trials no matter how immense our love for them is. when someone in my family gets hurt, gets sick or faces a trial, i easily crumble. i love them too much, too strong that i will never be happy if they aren't. but then, i know that behind my frailty as a human, there is that Big Guy up there whose love encompasses everyone and everything. right now, He is teaching me to trust in that love. 

my sister was brought to the hospital yesterday after the vehicle she was in got into an accident. she has a wound on her forehead and is under observation as she complains of headache and pain in her leg. my parents, my brothers and the rest of our family prayed and continue to pray for her healing. we pray that her injuries are not serious and she recovers soon enough. amidst all the trials that my family is facing right now, i trust that God is doing something to help us make it through. 

and that when my love is not enough to ease the pain of those i love or even my own heart ache, i know that God fills the gap. He alone possesses a  mighty love.

//update// my sister is now ok and is resting at home. you couldn't imagine my joy when i woke up the next day and read my mother's message that everything is fine. God is indeed good, we just have to trust in his grace and mercy.



  1. This is a beautiful post...I will be praying for your sister and also strength for your family. I hope everything goes well!

    1. thank you Jessica! she is fine now.. she was discharged from the hospital after 24 hours of confinement... thank you for praying for my sister and my family.. really appreciate it! :)

  2. Hold on. Never give up for them and for you.