i sometimes eat korean food

Monday, March 18, 2013 Veronica Joyce 2 Comments

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i actually love korean food. i am a fan of spicy and nutritious dishes with lots of vegetables. well, i eat korean food two to three times a week, because i eat dinner with my korean students that frequent. last wednesday's dinner is bibimbap.it literally means mixed rice. 

it may vary but the bowl in the photo has a serving of brown rice (with beans) shredded beef, shredded carrots, bean sprouts and spinach (with sesame seeds), kimchi, topped with fried egg.i have actually never tried bibimbap because most people serve it with half-cooked egg and i don't think i like it that way. well, you are supposed to add other  flavorings if you want, like soy sauce, pepper paste or other available side dishes and mix it, just like what D did here:

VID-20130313-00002 from Nica Gonzales on Vimeo

it would have been a good time to try bibimbap, at last, but i ate a lot in the office a few hours before dinner so i just kindly asked for a glass of iced coffee. not touching my dinner is quite unusual so D asked,

D: why aren't you eating, teacher?"
Me: i am so full, i ate in the office
D: what did you eat?
Me: I ate pizza, chicken and ice cream.
D: you are so mean!


so, have you tried korean food? what's your favorite?