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Thursday, May 23, 2013 Veronica Joyce 2 Comments

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Life has been quite confusing lately. 
 I think, I am at a place that does not really propel me to grow. That I am at a phase in life when the most rational thing to do is leave behind the old, the comfort and set off into an uncharted territory. Lately, this has been my prayer (at least in my heart) and to realize that I wrote this a year ago means I have not done the necessary steps.

Dear Lord,

You alone satisfy. I seek for happiness, I seek for satisfaction and happiness elsewhere that I sometimes forget that You are near – the true source of everything that makes living worthwhile. At times when I don’t remember You, I am losing my soul bit by bit, I am losing life. At times when I am at the brink of destruction and despair, I ask You, “Why me? Why, Oh God?” Sometimes I forget that what You have in mind, what You have planned is far greater than I could ever imagine, far greater than I could ever hope for.

Lord, grant me the grace to live in You alone. Not to settle for anything that’s material, anything that loses value and sparkle, anything that is temporary. Lord, grant me the grace to look forward to what is eternal and consider this earthly life a preparation for a life spent with You in paradise.

Lord, grant me the wisdom to understand the reason behind all of my struggles and pains. Grant me the courage to face them, make the right decisions and stand up for them. Lord, grant me the discernment to see where to go and find happiness in the path I have chosen.



  1. such a heartfelt prayer ate Joice. Please don't break down. He listens to prayers. PHILIPPIANS 4:6

    from Myxilog with love <3

    1. Thank you so much... yes, I believe He does :)