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Wednesday, May 08, 2013 Veronica Joyce 1 Comments

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Today, I am taking the challenge of writing/blogging everyday in may.  I was MIA last April and didn't post as often as I wanted to and so this month, I will try to be a more productive blogger (although I am actually eight days late for this challenge, sorry). If you're up for this too, drop by Jenni's blog and check out the 31 topics you'd have to write about for the rest of the month. :)

So, here goes day 8!

If somebody would ask me a piece of advice (on how to live life and be happy), I'd say this: ACCEPT YOURSELF. 

Sometimes, there is so much harm in not loving and accepting yourself for who you are. I am guilty of this more than any person I know or maybe, like myself, they are just so good at hiding their own disappointments.  There is great sense in actually looking  deeply into the dignity and value of  man first before we can proceed with the worth and merits of a family, or a community. The heart of it all is within each of us. 

What I want to say is, if we truly accept who we are - including our frailties and all the things we are and are not capable of - it is much easier to face failures, to appreciate the best qualities of others, to understand that there are some things in us that we have to improve or get rid of, to know that we are not perfect, and of course, to love. 

When we live in love, I don't think it is impossible to live in joy.

I know that this has been said a thousand times, but how come we always forget? :D


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  1. Great words , sometimes it's such hard thing to accept what you are. But the ones who does this is a real brave! Well , great post :) Good luck in challenge , I am also taking part in some other May Blog challnege :)