Friday's Letters // Valentine's Day 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments

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Dear L.O.V.E.,

You make me go crazy. A little less lonely. A bit more courageous.
 Slightly or overly jealous. Impossibly optimistic. Undeniably sweet.  
Ecstatic. Romantic. Foolish. Warm. Hopeful. 

You are that somebody, that something, that comes without knocking.
That gives without the hope of getting a thing in return.
That embraces even without the assurance of being embraced back.
That overlooks shortcomings.
That forgives time and time again. 
That sees the best in who I am.
That magnifies the good in what I do.
That hopes the greatest in what I will become.

You are the sweet sweet smile that lightens up a room,
otherwise filled with strangers.
You are the arms that hold me in place.
You are the eyes that sparkle,  the pair that gazes to no one but me.

You are Loyalty.
You are Oh!someness
You are (a) Vivid reality.
You are Enduring.

You are LOVE.

{Photo credit: Erick Glenndon Gonzales}

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