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Monday, March 03, 2014 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments

I'm happy to report that my second semester in graduate school is over!! I submitted the last of my papers yesterday and I took my final exam last Saturday but in between, I was able to squeeze in some bonding time with friends. I went (again) to the International Rice Research Institute in Laguna to tour my friend, Helen, around and meet our friend (and high school classmate), Gideon.

Enjoy the photos because we surely had a great time taking them. :)

 photo IMG_1427_zps611344ad.jpg photo IMG_1385_zps9eb6d46f.jpg photo IMG_1388_zps4448a0ee.jpg photo IMG_1375_zps3017838e.jpg photo IMG_1379_zps5fc2430a.jpg  photo IMG_1402_zps5f6d819b.jpg photo IMG_1401_zpsdaafeb6f.jpg  photo IMG_1383_zpscc11b1b1.jpg  photo IMG_1408_zps3acc4936.jpg

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