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On my very first day in Seoul, straight from the guesthouse, I went to Anguk Station (Seoul Metro Line 3) to meet my friend, Jane. She would tour me around Samcheongdong. I had to purchase T-Money as it is the most convenient way to access public transportation (plus, it comes with a 100-won discount for each fare). Jane and I were supposed to meet at 11, but I was more than an hour late. First, I had to walk from the guesthouse to Hongdae station and second,  I had a bit of trouble getting T-Money. I used the ticket vending machine and paid 5000 won for it ($5), thinking that the amount was consumable. I later found out that I needed to charge it first before I can use it. So I had to look for a convenience store and charge it with another $5. I used Kakaotalk to communicate with friends in Korea, the problem was, although wi-fi could be accessed almost everywhere in Seoul only a few of them were free for public use. And just when I badly needed one, I couldn't freakin' connect. For more than an hour, Jane didn't know where I was exactly and I had no idea where she was waiting for me in Anguk. I had to go to a cafe and buy the cheapest drink I could find to get a wi-fi password (they print it in the receipt). A few minutes past 12, we met at Cafe Pascucci. We were both relieved to finally see each other again after nine years.

We walked out of the cafe, too happy, and explored the streets of Samcheongdong on that hot summer day ( it was one of the hottest day in Seoul, at 33 degrees Celsius, since Summer has started. What a way to welcome me! :( :D ). Anyway, Samcheongdong was lined with various small shops and cafes, not to mention unique and very cute ones. That day, we were also able to see artists' free markets where various accessories and handicrafts were sold.

 photo IMG_2451_zpsa86f5dfb.jpg  photo IMG_2458_zpsadf2b435.jpg  photo IMG_2468_zpse7ab43d1.jpg  photo IMG_2465_zps9d942e0b.jpg
After walking a bit, we agreed it was time for lunch. We went to a small Korean restaurant in the area (I forgot the name) frequented by Jane and we had Bulgogi and Carbonara Tteoppokki (rice cake in carbonara sauce topped with mozzarella cheese) for lunch.The latter was the yummiest Tteoppokki I've ever tasted and was instantly my favorite. 

 photo IMG_2454_zps5c171b81.jpg  photo IMG_2456_zpsfe65f362.jpg  photo IMG_2466_zps8b4ab1ab.jpg After lunch, we set out to Bukchon Hanok Village - probably the most famous among all of Korea's traditional villages. It is a residential area and has been seen in various K-Dramas like Personal Taste starring Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin. We had to hike to go to Bukchon. There were stairs, yes but the climb could be quiet exhausting for someone who's expecting just a leisurely walk. :) It was windy on top though; such a lovely break from the heat.

 photo IMG_2473_zpse77c27ed.jpg  photo IMG_2475_zps6fb28320.jpg  photo IMG_2479_zps70204058.jpg  photo IMG_2480_zpse65a2f3f.jpg  photo IMG_2481_zps73ddd7cf.jpg  photo IMG_2486_zpsc397b388.jpg  photo IMG_2484_zps6e239b7e.jpg  photo IMG_2491_zpscfd887e3.jpg

We walked around Bukchon until almost 3pm. I really had so much fun though the heat was giving me goosebumps. Jane had to be at the Homecoming Day of her orchestra at Soongsil University by 4 pm. I tagged along. :)

Details later.

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