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It was great to have a lovely weather on the day I was scheduled to go to Gyeongbok Palace (gung). Going there was really easy, especially that I was coming from Jamwon-do, where I could take Seoul Metro Line 3 straight to Gyeongbokgung station. If you ever go to this palace, one thing you shouldn't miss is the Royal Guard Changing Ceremonies. Be there before 10 in the morning so you have plenty of time to take photos and find a good spot when the ceremony starts. The reenactment takes place three times a day (10am, 1pm, 3pm) every day except Tuesdays.

 photo IMG_2820_zps2908816c.jpg  photo IMG_2825_zps897739dd.jpg  photo IMG_2822_zpsf89de498.jpg  photo IMG_2832_zps86af4101.jpg  photo IMG_2835_zps7fafbfbd.jpg  photo IMG_2836_zps81cab2dc.jpg  photo IMG_2843_zps14f09d12.jpg  photo IMG_2844_zps3fe565e2.jpg  photo 10365844_809960102362231_7944644752866306165_n_zpseccd2190.jpg

The  ceremony originated in 1469 during the Joseon Dynasty when the Royal Guards guarding Gwanghwamun gate, the entrance to the palace, were replaced by the next ones on duty. The reenactment done in Seoul today captures much of what used to take place hundreds of years ago. It is definitely a feast for the senses and a great opportunity for tourists to see traditional practices in Korea. The sight of colorful traditional costumes and accessories, the sound  of traditional musical instruments, and the feel  of authentic ceremonial procedures and a lot more give a glimpse of Korea's colorful culture. 

I took lots of photos in Gyeongbok so I'm dividing this entry into three parts. Watch out for the next installments.

By the way, I went there with my friends from work. :)

 photo 1380257_10152081092975919_2174781929652033571_n_zps6a8c2dbc.jpg

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(Some photos were from Ces and Ms. Irene)

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