Korea Chronicles | Gyeongbokgung Part III

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5th day continues with more walks inside the grounds of Gyeongbok Palace. At the far end of the compound are more clustered quarters, kind of like (very) small villages. From this point, you can actually see the blue roof of Cheongwadae, Korea's version of the White House. And from here on, you'd see lots and lots of green, a full view of a mountain, a pond and a pavilion; and feel like you are in a countryside and detached from the buzzing city that is Seoul. It's really amazing to find a space like this in a much urbanized metropolis. Truly awesome.

 photo IMG_2889_zps4c65ff9e.jpg  photo IMG_2883_zps5c0e2049.jpg

 photo IMG_2891_zps156df1e8.jpg  photo 10300636_817916588233249_3742738079853169327_n_zps61a44413.jpg  photo IMG_2890_zpseb3610b8.jpg  photo IMG_2895_zps4fa8e7c5.jpg  photo IMG_2893_zps30aff764.jpg  photo IMG_2897_zps7a3392a8.jpg  photo IMG_2900_zps6f74c810.jpg  photo IMG_2904_zpsaa1872d2.jpg  photo IMG_2903_zpsb94647d2.jpg

This last photo of the Hyangwonji Pond and Hyangwonjeong Pavilion is one of my favorites. I didn't find the need to edit this because it's just perfect -  a lovely view of a pavilion in a pond that is green, deep blue and mirrors the sky taken on a bright summer day. 

By the way,  Hyangwonjeong means the “Pavilion of Far-Reaching Fragrance”. The bridge that leads you to it is called Chwihyanggyo which means "intoxicated with fragrance". Chwihyanggyo is the longest wooden bridge ever constructed during the Joseon Dynasty. Unfortunately, crossing the bridge is prohibited. But you know, looking at this beautiful view is more than enough. Imagine this sight turning into different colors in Spring and Fall. Ah, lovely!

Our next stop would be the National Folk Museum. :)

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