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Hanok means Korean traditional houses. They are structured in consideration of their surroundings and may be built in closed square form especially in cold regions. Some houses are "L" shaped while others may be in an open "I" form.

Bukchon in Samcheongdong is probably the most popular Hanok village in all of Korea. I was able to walk around in its neighborhood on my first day there, and yes, it is someplace you shouldn't miss. But apart from Bukchon, another hanok village worth visiting is Namsangol near Myeongdong.

Namsangol Hanok Village is a collection of five hanoks from the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), recovered from different parts of the city and relocated to the northern foot of Namsan mountain. The interiors of each of these five houses reflect owners from different walks of life, from the middle class to the yangban (who were mainly high government officials, noblemen and aristocrats). [Source

 photo IMG_30511_zpsa4239a4b.jpg  photo IMG_3033_zpsa02fbfac.jpg  photo IMG_3092_zpsa2157c74.jpg

Namsangol Hanok Village is different from Bukchon because tourists are allowed to check out the different quarters in the area while the latter has more limitations due to it being a residential area. In Namsangol, hanoks are opened and visitors may take a peek at Korean households of long ago. Entering the rooms and touching the items on display were prohibited though. 

Let me take you to a tour around Namsangol Hanok Village through these photos. Enjoy!

 photo IMG_3065_zps64b0f0d7.jpg  photo IMG_3046_zpsdf985006.jpg  photo IMG_3053_zps2dd2eb06.jpg  photo IMG_3077_zps522fc324.jpg  photo IMG_3076_zps1dbf21be.jpg  photo IMG_3075_zps9501396c.jpg  photo IMG_3045_zps3919f1f7.jpg  photo IMG_3047_zps28eee8ed.jpg  photo IMG_3048_zpsd111a795.jpg  photo IMG_3056_zpscd697270.jpg  photo IMG_3069_zpsdacd94d6.jpg  photo IMG_3078_zps769fedeb.jpg  photo IMG_3073_zps61514dcd.jpg  photo IMG_3081_zpsf9f3a1eb.jpg  photo IMG_3079_zpsb9f633eb.jpg  photo IMG_3082_zps9a97fa90.jpg  photo IMG_3091_zps1e853e1a.jpg  photo IMG_3089_zps6e9479db.jpg

I am sure it's refreshing to stay in a hanok especially on a hot summer day. The wide open windows invite fresh air in while the wooden floors are perfect for a lazy afternoon. I can imagine myself staying in this type of cozy home the entire day, just relaxing - taking a nap or reading a book while sipping tea.

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