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Monday, September 22, 2014 Veronica Joyce 6 Comments

I love reading blogs as much as I love keeping one. It is always delightful to come across people who are brave enough to pursue their passion in life and be inspired by them in the process. Four years ago, it was a blogger (through this writings) who convinced me that sharing a part of my life in this corner of the internet can be so rewarding, and that I, too, can inspire others in my own little way.

Here's a list of my favorite blogs in no particular order. They inspire and amaze me everyday.

  • Wonderforest
    by Dana Fox

    This blog bursts with beautiful and helpful content each and every time. Dana, the amazing woman behind it, is oozing with creativity. I go to this site to learn a thing or two about technical and creative stuff. I love her tips on blog design, her quirky nail art  & outfit posts. Most of all, I appreciate the many beautiful ways she shares about her dreams & goals in life as well as the disciplined steps she takes to fulfill them.

    You should check out:
    Aim High
    Getting Started
    Blog Essentials

  • Wildspirit
    by Camie Juan 

    I came upon this blog when it got featured as Nuffnang's Featured Blogger of the Month (and that was in 2012). I was immediately hooked because of Camie's fascinating posts about her life as a student studying fashion, her love for vintage stuff, her desire to travel the world and so on. Her big dreams are contagious!

    You should check out:
    His + Hers: Letters to the Future
    The Happy List

  • Cakies
    by Ruby Ellen

    I've been a loyal reader of Cakies for four years now. What drew me to this lovely space is the fun family behind it. Cakies tells a story of a modern family and their delightful traditions through the writings and photos of Ruby Ellen, mommy of four girls - True, Brave, Soul and Glow. I look forward to checking her posts every single day - a healthy mix of DIY posts, healthy recipes, homeschooling tips, handmade dresses, etc. I especially love Ruby's honest and sweet tales of family life - the joys and challenges of  it.

    You should check out:
    Glow's Birthday Dress
    It's Tradition
    An Ode to Summer

  • Thirstythought
    by Kryz Uy

    I rarely follow fashion blogs because truth be told, I'm not that into OOTD posts. But Thirsty Thought, though mainly a fashion blog, got me quite interested because of Kryz' beautiful writings that almost always accompany her equally beautiful photos. Lately, she's been posting a lot about her trips - highly visual and interesting narratives that leave you breathless and dreaming about your next getaway. I also think that she's totally grounded and very much sincere - such pleasant traits.

    You should check out:
    How to Look Slimmer in Photos
    What's Up Shanghai?
    Charmed Life
  • Of Trees and Hues
    by Latrina

    This blog is a relatively recent discovery but it has immediately topped my list of favorites. I adore Trina's photos - always sharp, dreamy and full of life - as well as her well-written columns that mostly inspire others to live at the moment and enjoy life's simple pleasures. I particularly like Between Lenses, a photography challenge, I have participated in a couple of times already. I can also say that she values her readers a lot and always takes the time to let them know and feel that they, too, are awesome.

    You should check out:
    Between Lenses
    Life in Stills
    A Journey of Self Discovery

So there goes my list! Not exhaustive, but pretty much the ones I read most all the time. Can't wait to see the favorites of those joining the Blog-tember Challenge!

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  1. His + Her : Letters to the Future is ♥

  2. Wow! I am utterly flattered, Vee. Thank you so much! You are so incredibly kind to include me in this amazing bunch of ladies, wow. What you said totally brought tears to my eyes. xo

    1. You are welcome, Trina! :) Thanks for being so nice, too. I am a fan of your work and I am grateful that I stumbled upon your lovely blog. :)

  3. Love this! I made mine too hihi