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Monday, October 13, 2014 Veronica Joyce 4 Comments

It seemed to me that September has come and gone swiftly. Now here we are with October passing by just as fast. But you know, a month (particularly in this corner) is never complete without Between Lenses, a photography challenged by the gorgeous and creative ladies behind the blogs Of Trees and Hues and Tara Victoria. Last month's posts revolved around the theme "silence". And I really enjoyed browsing through the photos everyone has come up with.

This month's theme focuses on images of someone's mornings. 

For me, even as a child, mornings felt like that of a magical hour when sunlight breaks the dark of dawn and makes flowers bloom. There was this TV program back then (that makes Science more accessible to children) that shows a time-lapse video of a flower blossoming from a sleeping bud. Since then, I've always thought of mornings that way - awakening from a deep slumber, opening up to face the day, and yes, flowers in full bloom.

I took the photo below in one of my recent trips back home. It was a lovely morning, the sun was up and I was outside the house breathing in the fresh morning air. My little niece ran up to me and gave me these four small flowers she carefully picked from our neighbor's shrubs! haha.

Looking at these and my niece's sweet smile is my kind of morning - a great way to start my day.

 photo IMG_2355_zpsa21e47e4.jpg

How about you, what does your morning look like?

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  1. "Mornings felt like that of a magical hour when sunlight breaks the dark of dawn and makes flowers bloom. " So beautiful, Vee. I just love that line so much as it resonated so closely to me!

    I am so happy you joined us, Vee. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing this with us! xo

    1. Thank you, Trina! :) I always find this challenge fruitful. :)

  2. Reading this beautiful post of yours this morning has made my morning that much better :) I love seeing people's entries for this fun challenge. It always amazes how differently we all see/view the same thing.

    Mo x

    Within My Locket

    1. I'm glad you felt much better after reading this. It is always great to start our day with good/happy thoughts. Thanks for dropping by, Mo! :)