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Some of the things I looked forward to witnessing in Korea are the festivities. I was truly rooting for the spring festivals happening all over the country. I imagined how great it would be to pick strawberries or apples in some orchard in the countryside, be mesmerized by Cherry Blossoms in Yeouido, sip green tea while looking at this gorgeous view of the field, or feed animals at Anseong. Months before my scheduled trip, I went crazy researching for the must-see places and festivities. To my dismay, most of the spring festivals would have been over by the time I fly to Seoul. Most of them were over by Mid-April. But then, I read somewhere that the Haeundae Sand Festival takes place in early June. I got lucky because it coincided with my trip to Busan.

Not only did I walk along the shores of Haeundae I also got pretty amused at the amazing sand arts on display. 

Enjoy the photos!

 photo IMG_3313_zps774fd353.jpg  photo IMG_3309_zpsc6772068.jpg  photo IMG_3314_zps32f7fee6.jpg  photo IMG_3308_zpseca0ff0a.jpg  photo IMG_3316_zps89bc0618.jpg  photo IMG_3318_zps36d07c4a.jpg  photo IMG_3319_zps6d6deb5f.jpg  photo IMG_3321_zps67efd79e.jpg  photo IMG_3323_zpscc887c2c.jpg  photo IMG_3327_zpsa64e4ff1.jpg  photo IMG_3329_zps016b2d2d.jpg  photo IMG_3333_zps27b12ecd.jpg  photo IMG_3335_zpse85effb6.jpg  photo IMG_3338_zpse2e57344.jpg  photo IMG_3339_zps50efcb9c.jpg  photo IMG_3341_zps4e38deb1.jpg

The Haeundae Sand Festival is a yearly event that showcases sand sculptures made by artists from all over the world. The intricacy of each piece is superb. I really had such great time going from one display to another, taking photos and just breathing in the awesomeness surrounding me. 

We were at the beach at around 6 in the evening, and it was chilly (the reason I was covered up). I simply couldn't afford to let go of my jacket in that temperature. I just had to enjoy the moment, the cool sea air, although I was really hoping for a more sunny stroll in Haeundae. Again, it was a quick visit, about an hour and a half, but my friend and I managed to sit on the sand, talk about life, take selfies and watch as people walk by. 

After one last look at Haeundae, we stood up and both agreed that it was time for dinner. We had samgyupsal and (was it) baked kimchi rice (?). I don't remember anymore, but I do know that I was extremely full that evening. Then we walked to a Jimjjilbang near the area that has a good view of Haeundae. We stayed there until 11. To cap off the night, we went to Gwangalli Beach and had a nice Red Bean Slush with the beautiful Gwangan Bridge in front of us.
 photo IMG_3352_zps87edef87.jpg

There, that was Day 9, one of the longest days I had in Korea. But jam-packed means fun, too! I am almost done chronicling my Korean Summer adventure. Yes, after almost 5 months. Better late than never! haha

Stay tuned for Busan part 3.

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  1. I agree better late than never. I'm perpetually running several months behind when I do something to when I manage to blog about it. Some of these sculptures were quite impressive.