Heaven Will Hold You, Heaven WIll Keep You Safe

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 Nicajoice 2 Comments

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Dear Baby Francis Dominic,

I have never held you in my arms. I have never touched your baby skin. I don't even have a picture of you. But the first and only time I caught sight of you, my dear nephew, (behind the cold glass of the hospital's viewing section of the nursery room) there was nothing else I felt but pure love. You were then sleeping peacefully. You had your father's facial features... your grandfather's ears...

Getting you out of there was a victory for us. I was so glad when you finally got home. I was relieved to know that you'd be in your parents' arms. But then, your stay with us was just temporary. You slept and never woke up.

We are hurt. Deeply sad. Terribly shaken.

But then again, we believe, you are in a better place now... in the loving arms of God. In a place where you won't feel any pain. In the happiest place one could ever be. You are our little angel in heaven.

I want you to know that you've made us happy in your short life here on Earth. You are our baby boy. And you will always be. Know that we love you so much and that we fought for you till the end... We will always remember you. And you will be in our prayers.

Rest now little one.

Now, heaven will hold you... heaven will keep you safe...


Tita Joyce ♥


  1. it's a heartbreaker. but the thought that he's in a safe and wonderful place is enough to lessen the grief. he'll be in my prayers joicee.

  2. Thanks Gaze.. Wish you were here.... :(