Re-thinking Life

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 Nicajoice 2 Comments

Everything...everyone... seems to be moving fast paced.Events (both good and not so good) pass by in break neck speed. Changes (big or small) happen before my very eyes, sometimes, I don't even notice them, until someone, something is gone. And in the midst of it all, I find myself in the middle. Just there, standing still. Not moving an inch. Yet deep inside me, I badly want to go somewhere else. To which place? I do not know. When? I do not know either. Maybe, it is about time to seriously think things over. For I surely do not want to leave everything to chance and wake up one day that I have not done anything to serve my purpose... to achieve what my heart truly desires.

And that is exactly the first step I have to take - to look deep into my very core and listen to what my heart tells me to do. What is it that I truly want in life? What is that great thing that I have to do that will ultimately please the One who created me? The thing that would make this life worth living?


  1. it does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop. -confucius

    naka-post sa mrt station dito, and i pass by it every single day. nice lang :)

    you're doing great joicee. i know you do. :)

  2. Thanks Gaze!! Yup, one step at a time... I so miss you :(