One Day

Monday, October 03, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

I was at a wedding yesterday. And the couple looked so good together. They were sweet. A picture of two people radiating with overflowing gladness and love. I am sure, every attendee felt that love. They were made for each other. For the bride, it was the best decision ever. For the groom, it was worth the wait.

By far, it's been the second wedding I have attended this year. And every time, I would ask myself, am I destined to be a bride too? And if yes, who'd be the "lucky" guy? At times, there is fear. Most of the time, there is excitement. It surely is a possibility, but still the future is uncertain.

But one thing i learned from yesterday's event - God blesses and rewards those who trust in Him with their whole heart. All things work for good for those who trust in Jesus.

I believe, deep in my heart, that one day, it will come. He will come.

And here's a song by Trading Yesterday that speaks of that certainty. It's a good one.

Lonely finds me,
One day you will come

Always for love sake,
One day to be loved

I will stay forever here until that one day comes
Praying time will bring you near, always for your love

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