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I am not the type of fan who goes gaga over a certain artist/celebrity/musician (well, maybe I do but it stops after a short period of time). I'm neither the type who stalks because to do so takes a lot of effort. But I'm a faithful fan.

And for so many years, even without knowing the history of the band, even without researching the biographies of its members, even without memorizing the names of the lead guitarist, the drummer,etc. ( I only know Chito and Vinci and Buwi), I have been a fan of Parokya ni Edgar. My loyalty goes way back my elementary years, when I'd hear my classmate, Patrick, sing "Sayang", or "Silvertoes" until I got to high school and my older brother and I would wait for the radio DJs to play "Halaga" and "Harana" (we'd even record the song on blank tape) and write the lyrics on a piece of paper. 
Parokya ni Edgar!!
I've watched them perform a few times - once during my first day in UP for "First Day Funk" and a couple of times in UP Fair. But two weeks ago, I was able to see them perform upclose in UST for Paskuhan 2011. I didn't know they'd perform that night. I was just invited by a Thomasian friend and my real purpose was really to meet up and get Starbucks coffee. But gee, was I so glad to be there! Funny, because I don't look like the type of person who sings PNE songs, but I found myself singing and jamming with a crowd of college students, who surprisingly know the lyrics of even the older PNE hits.
Chito Miranda. The band's vocalist, singing his heart out. :)
Vinci. Giving the fans a hgh-five!
If I remember it right, they were supposed to sing just four songs that night. But because they are Parokya ni Edgar and they only want nothing but the best for their audience, they sang more than the agreed number. I guess it's one of the things that makes them even more fan-friendly. That night, they sang Halaga, Para Sayo, One Hit Combo (of course with Gloc9!!!!), The Yes Yes Show , among others and my newest favorite, Pangarap Lang Kita, which won Best Ballad and Best Collaboration in the recent Awit Awards.

There is something in PNE songs that affects, influences and inspires everyone. May you be a high school student, professional, rich or poor, young or old, girl or boy - because all of us know how it feels to love and be hurt, to crave for affection and to regret not having the courage to say what we feel, to mourn the loss of a friend, and to give meaning to the simple things and experiences in life that make up so much of our beings. Parokya ni Edgar songs are our stories, they are "us" given some melody and neatly expressed through words.

Other favorite Parokya ni Edgar Songs:
My One and Only You (or is it "Your Song"? this confuses me, but really! I'm a fan! haha); Gitara (with that Koreanovela-inspired video); Maniwala Ka Sana; and Wag Mo Na Sana.

And if you have not "liked" the band's official FB Page, go here.
And be one of the group's ever growing fanbase. Currently, the page has 1,801,512 "Likes"! Yay!
Moderators are the band members themselves and they always have something fun for the fans. Like the "Nakakahiyang Pics" and "Trivia Time". :)

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 Fray Jestoni Porras


  1. Woah. "Funny, because I don't look like the type of person who sings PNE songs, but I found myself singing and jamming .." It surprised me actually! Hehe. ;D I love them,too!!!

  2. Haha.. you're a fan too Le!! High five!! :)