Another Year at MUKHA-AD (Welcome Batch 22!)

Wednesday, March 07, 2012 Nicajoice 0 Comments

Another Mukha-Ad year has come and gone. It hasn't been that long since I was welcomed into the family. Last weekend though, I took a different role - I was one of those who embraced the new additions to our ever growing circle. And in both times, I felt grateful. Thankful for the chance to be formed and to form others into the loving image of Christ. Being a participant  was fun and challenging. Being a part of the Council is an entirely different story.

I learned to be humble. To consider the needs of others before I think about mine.To give people a chance to show who they really are and to give myself a chance to know them better. 

I have always been amazed to see dedicated and passionate people in Mukha Ad. I didn't know I had in me the same willingness to give up personal time in order to make a session successful. I have discovered that I am capable of doing as much. And I must say that the rewards are more than what I have hoped for. I have gained new friends, strengthened old relationships, learned valuable insights in life and have come to know the meaning of service based on experience - not just through books I've read or stories told by others.More importantly, I have seen how Mukha Ad has created a positive influence (hopefully) in the lives of those who dared to take the journey with us.

I have also made mistakes along the way. Things said that might have hurt some people. Unconscious deeds that might have contradicted the values we at Mukha Ad wish to teach. I cannot change them nor remove them from people's memory... I guess the important thing is that I have asked for forgiveness and have been forgiven :)

I don't know what lies ahead. But I'd like to stay longer and see how we create more positive changes not just on individual lives but in the larger community. 

It's been an awesome year. Congratulations to all of us who made everything possible. And to the members of Batch 22, welcome! May we all keep the flame burning. :)

**Here are some pictures taken during the retreat.