Flowers and Insights

Thursday, April 12, 2012 Nicajoice 4 Comments

I was on a three-day retreat last week. And I must say that I was immensely nourished, spiritually and physically. I was able to find time to relax and talk to God, and to marvel at the beauty of His creations. 

 I took a number of pictures in the breathtaking landscape of Don Bosco, Batulao and I heard such lovely words from our retreat master. And I found a way to share both with you. 


* I took all the pictures and they are unedited.
** Insights come from Fr. Arman Robleza, SDB and some other sources he cited.


  1. LOVE all of these!!!

  2. So refreshing to look at these pictures, and reflect on these words!! Very timely. :D