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Friday, January 11, 2013 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments


the workweek has been a mix of healthy and unhealthy days, going to work and staying at home, bad news and sweet surprises... but still majority of my week was spent infront of the computer, searching for online goodness before and after work and even in between work hours. (that's too many "work" in a short paragraph). 

anyway, love this idea right here on how to be productive in the morning for married couples and even for those living solo like me! i am not a morning person and being able to enjoy getting up and working those lazy bones in the morning would be a great and helpful change. 

i'd like to try making my own pompoms for decoration purposes. you can find the tutorial, here

one of my favorite couples (in the world) has posted the full-length video of their wedding, here. i love it to bits! yes, i'm a hopeless romantic and a stalker like that. :) 

read this hilarious narrative about how to be a perfect boyfriend. if i ever get to meet the kind of guy that fits the exact description i'd rather not have a boyfriend! 

plus this girl's husband is suuuper loving. he wrote a song for her on their anniversary and you can listen to it, here. im in love.