waiting, literally.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013 Veronica Joyce 6 Comments

i remember that usual route to home after I finish a two-hour class with lynn. i remember that one night, as i turn in that familiar street corner, and as I stood in the same old spot waiting for a bus. I remember that same stormy night as I firmly held an umbrella to keep myself protected from the ravaging rain. I remember that moment when everybody else had taken a ride and I was left alone knowing fully well that a bus was on its way except that I knew not of the exact time. I remember that night, when without reservations or any false pretense, I thought out loud and told my twenty-two year old self, “I wish someone was waiting with me”. 

you know, some people dream of a man who owns a luxurious car and hope that they’d never have to take public transport again. i'd be a  hypocrite not to admit that i too, dream of the same once in a while. but in that particular night, two years ago, my heart longed for a little bit more. yes, a bit more. i wasn’t asking for someone who could drive me home, i was longing for someone who would hold my hand and wait with me. someone who would keep me sane, because for all we know, life is a waiting game and sometimes, it is just so terrifying to wait alone. 

when i would take that old route, i knew that buses were scarce. i knew that there were more commuters than there were buses. i knew that it would take several attempts to take one. yet, i also knew that eventually, i’d be able to go home. and even with this knowledge, i’d say a little prayer – Lord, please let the bus come. let the bus come. let the bus come. and then it comes, not earlier than i had hoped for but i guess, it would always come at the right time.


and you know what? love, and life,  is just like that. we wait. and then life happens.  love surprises us.



  1. beautiful post. thanks for sharing!

  2. you're a wonderful writer, you know that?

    1. thank you, Kotryna! I dropped by your blog and I love it! :)

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    1. thank you, Cha! I miss you so bad :( :)