The Kind of Love That Lasts Forever

Friday, August 30, 2013 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments

          If there is one thing I truly believe in this world, aside from the grace and mercy of God, it would be the existence of a love that goes beyond life itself. Too many times have we seen couples falling apart; divorce and separation becoming all too natural for most people. And so, it is quite refreshing to celebrate a kind of love that withstands the test of time; that even death fails to diminish its worth.

          The video above is an affirmation of such love. I cried while watching it this morning. First, because the story behind the song is so inspiring. I have always loved seeing aged couples going on dates, holding each other's hands, proudly walking as if reminiscing their first date. I guess everybody dreams of having someone to love and to hold until he's gray and wrinkled. Second, because it brings back memories of my late grandmother all over again. She passed away last year four months after her husband passed away. We, the entire family, knew that she must have loved our grandfather so much because she couldn't seem to live longer without him.

          And today, I celebrate my grandmother's birthday. Even without her presence, I still thank the Lord for the kind of life that she was able to enjoy in this world with her one true love. She was a hardworking woman, a loving grandma, and a faithful servant of God. She was one of the people who showed me unconditional love, the kind that persists in spite of hurts and disappointments, the kind that does not wait for anything in return, the kind that means so much more than the most poetic lines.

          Until today, I still can't believe that my grandmother is gone. I sometimes feel she's just at home (in the province), just a phone call or a plane ride away. But I guess, what really matters is the fact that once, she was with me. And those moments have really been the happiest.

"That was a wonderful 75 years
that I just often think kinda unreal, 
dreaming or something, but it was real!"
- Fred

           My grandmother's memories will linger forever. In our hearts and minds, she will always stay. If it's any consolation, I'd love to think that her celebration this year is the grandest ever. Because she's now in heaven with her loving husband and with God, who is the greatest love the world has ever known.

I love you, Mommy! Forever. ♥

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