Here's the Plan, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014 Veronica Joyce 4 Comments

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It has taken me a while to finally post my 2014 goals. Not that I'm obliged to but because writing about it helps me focus on the things that I really need to do and not get sidetracked. I am actually bad at sticking to new year's resolutions. 2013's was a major failure if crossing off items was a measure of success.  

This year, I want my list to be a bit more realistic; but I also want to give myself the freedom to dream bigger. 

So here goes my 2014 goals/bucket list/resolutions, however you wish to label these. :)
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  • with family and friends. To set aside time to be with family members who are practically all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. It takes money to go and visit them once in a while so, I'd have to work my ass off if I want to afford quality time with them. Same thing with friends, I vow to have meet-ups once a month (or more often) just to catch up.
  • with God - read his Word, prayer time, hear mass, dates (just some alone time to reflect)
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  • learn as much as I can from work
and grab opportunities for growth that come along the way.
  • take CodeAcademy lessons seriously, and finally make my own website from scratch.
  • take MDC seriously! Because I really see myself in this line of work in the future.
  • read a book once a month
  • write more
  • create more
  • (optional) find a new hobby
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.... I would like to travel more and see many places that I've never been to.
  • 10-day trip to Seoul & Busan, South Korea 
  • Singapore!
  • Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • Summer getaway with family (and friends)
  • Short trips near the metro
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    ... we all deserve to be healthy so we can devote 100%  of our energy
    to fulfilling our dreams and aspirations
  • exercise thrice a week 
  • eat healthy 
  • sleep before midnight 
  • drink lots of water 
  • avoid junk food
  •  photo save_zpsbda8a068.jpg
    ... it is high time that I keep something for my future.
  • allot a certain amount every month for savings
  • Tithe! (invest in the kingdom of God)
  • invest in the stock market/mutual fund
  • (be debt free)
There's a few more actually, but you see, my list spells the word "BLESS". It's my word for 2014, something to focus on - knowing that in everything I do, even the littlest thing, has to be blessing someone in the process. Last Monday, I was deeply touched by a homily delivered by a SVD priest. He said, all too often, we are living routinary lives and in the ordinariness of our days, we fail to see that every thing we do affects somebody. That somebody may be a sibling we support, parents we take care of, friends we cheer up, co-workers we help, and even strangers who get a bit of inspiration from us. Nothing is futile. Even the job that we don't enjoy serves a purpose - it feeds our family. As simple as that.

This year, I want my heart to be wide open for lots of blessings from above; and my hands outstretched for another person; someone's answered prayer. 

I like it every time Bo Sanchez says we have to dream big. Because big dreams give us that burst of energy that wakes us up in the morning. Ultimately, all these little things that we do right this year, will pile up. Hopefully, they will lead us to our main goals - our purpose.

May we all make the most of 2014! 

keep in touch!


  1. I have a lot of these same plans actually. I've just started up with I'm heading to Hong Kong next week and hope to do some traveling possibly through Thailand and the Philippines.


    1. Hi Pristine, glad to know you're on CodeAcademy, too. I discovered it last year but I didn't really see then how fun it is to learn codes. :) I know now, so I'll be studying more this time. I hope you have a great time in Hong Kong. And do drop by here (Philippines). ^^

  2. I'm inspired to draft my plans now, Joyce. =) It's really great to have a plan, a version of our life. It's our responsibility. But just be open to God's version of your life too.

    1. Right, Lee! I'm always open to God's surprises. He always does (surprise me). :D And I am all the more excited. ^^