Friday's Letters // Feb 7th

Friday, February 07, 2014 Veronica Joyce 4 Comments

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Dear self,
Why are you such a sleepyhead? When will you ever learn to get up earlier? When will you ever stop hitting the snooze button? Remember this, "Sleep now and have wonderful dreams or sleep later & get up now  and make your dreams come true". Get it?

Dear DEVC204,
I am so sorry for neglecting you the past three months. I regret it now and I will do everything to make it all up to you. Please forgive me.

Dear Kitchen Scramble,
I'm leaving you soon. Promise.

Dear IRRI,
I've missed you. See you tomorrow!

Dear Grey's,
I can't wait to have you back!

Dear Feb,
Give me something really nice. Surprise me with chocolates and flowers, please?

Dear Frugality,
Be my friend. I really need you.

Dear Blog,
Sorry for the hasty (often quick and rather meaningless) posts these days. Allow me to study first and I will get back at yah next month! That's for sure.

Dear Readers,
Thanks for constantly dropping by. :)

Dear Love,
What are you up to on the 14th? *wink wink*

 Have you written a few letters lately? You can share them below! Happy Friday!!

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  1. Dear Team OOG, when are we going to be complete again? :)

  2. Dear Joyce, this post is very cute. It made me smile. =)

    1. Haha... I read the letter to myself and noticed that I wrote FRIENDS instead of DREAMS here "Sleep now and have wonderful ____". What was I thinking?? haha Thank you, Lee... :D