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"We’re wired to listen; we just don’t bother doing it all the time. Listening is the most important speech skill of all, but it’s also the speech skill that is practiced the least."

I was preparing a lesson plan for a speech class I promised to conduct at Grace to Be Born starting Thursday this week. While searching the net, I came across this site, Speak for Success Course, and I thought it's perfect. Except that I have to change some parts to fit my Filipino students' needs. And so I encountered the lines written above. It's just so true! Often, we forget that before we speak, we have to listen first. That listening is in fact a speech skill that we have to hone. And take note, not just mere listening but active listening.

Have you ever been in a situation wherein your pouring your heart out to someone, talking about how your day went, blabbering about a not-so-good encounter, spilling words as if they have life on their own and you see your friend/officemate/whoever-he-or-she-is looking somewhere else, staring at the ceiling, twirling her hair, yawning then finally saying this, "Ok. Anyway, what do you want to eat? You know what I saw this guy (in an ecstatic voice) blah blah blah." Your voice simply drowned and faded away as if what you said didn't matter. At all.

It has happened to me several times, with different people, in different places. And it's plain annoying.

To be fair, I think, I am a good listener. I may not say anything thereafter or I may not come up with the greatest advice, but I listen. And I do it well. So, sometimes, it is just frustrating when other people can't do the same.

I picked the photo at random, and I realized, it fits this entry well. Because I'll be teaching the moms at Grace to Be Born, a non-profit organization that offers "alternatives to women in crisis to ultimately help in the fight against abortion and successfully put abandoned infants in nurturing homes that would enable them to grow up and live in a normal and loving family environment." I will teach them (hopefully) to speak well and to LISTEN well.

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