Thursday is my favorite day of the week

Thursday, October 20, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

I finish work earlier than usual. I'm done with it at 4. And at this time of the day, the hours seem to stretch longer than it actually is, and I think I could fill it with a lot of other activities to redeem myself from previous days of being unproductive.

And today, in particular, I'm gonna attempt to be a speech teacher. Not the conventional teacher that I am to a not-so-ordinary bunch of students. I have no expectations whatsoever but it is my hope that, somehow, they could learn something from me. That in my limited capabilities, they could pick up something useful. Something worth keeping and remembering.

More so, I am gonna attempt to study Korean again. To go back to where I left off. To familiarize the concepts I've learned not a long time ago. I missed this other side of studying.I missed being the student. And I am just so thankful that somebody is always willing to be my mentor. When someone leaves, another soul fills his shoes. I'm gonna meet my third teacher later. And maybe in the next couple of days, I'd be able to share my learnings once again. It's 3:56. Gotta get going! This day's going to be a long one. And I am glad it is.