Thursday, October 06, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

1.) I met someone who can be my mentor - on the financial, business aspect.

2.) Steve Jobs untimely demise is all over the news. And even though I am not really his fan (coz I just recently realized how great he is (was), and how remarkable his words are (were), and I've never owned anything from Apple) I am heartbroken.Such a great loss. Just last week, my student told me to read his biography. He finished reading the Korean version, and I promised I would. Yeah, it is a must read.

3.) I realized even more how important it is to live a full life. A life with no regrets. A life that follows nothing but the beating of our hearts.

4.) I badly need patience because for me, familiarity does breed contempt. :(

5.) I am even more in love with Trading Yesterday, particularly to the songs - Change My Name, One Day and What I'm Dreaming Of. That I can listen to these songs all day and not grow tired. That they are my life songs at the very moment.