Moving Out. Moving On.

Thursday, November 17, 2011 Nicajoice 3 Comments

It's been two weeks since I moved out. Yes, the past weeks have been filled with changes. Generally good changes, I must say. But then, it is our natural inkling to fear change. To avoid change. And this, moving to a different house... I wasn't loving it. At first. Sounds typical, right?

I loved my previous apartment. It's spacious and the location is great. I could conveniently go to Makati, Eastwood, Antipolo, Cubao, The Fort, Quiapo and almost everywhere with just a single ride. The neigborhood is safe and I didn't have worries even if I'd go home late or go out to meet friends in an ungodly hour.

But then, as much as I wanted to stay longer, the need to move to a smaller, cheaper place was urgent. And practical, to say the least. I can't afford the rent anymore. Although it was truly against my will, I had to start gathering my stuff - 2 years worth of possessions - packed in boxes and more boxes.

I'd miss the house. Not only because of all things mentioned above. I'd miss it because it was, for me, a home. A home filled with warmth. And the people who have lived there with me (for a year, for months, or even just for  a few days) made the memories of it even more vivid.

And it made me really sad when it hit me - that moving out was for real. So, to the people who have once shared this lovely apartment with me, I hope you have enjoyed your stay. Cause I surely did! With all the ups and downs of urban living, and the joys of independent life, I truly had two years well-spent in your company.
There! I am obviously a sentimental person. So, I just have to write this post to always remind me how God has been so good to me. I always have a roof above my head and people to share it with. Whenever I feel so alone, helpless, hopeless, empty and dissatisfied, I always try my best to see what I have. And it works. All of God's provisions make me worry less because He has never left me empty-handed.

So yes, I moved out. But now, I am moving on. And I'm headed to sunshine! To greater pursuits and dreams.


  1. I've never experienced moving out, but I'm a sentimental person, too. It's hard to let go of possessions with sentimental value. How much more if it's a home? But yes, we all have to move on :)

  2. Haist. The same feeling I had when I moved out of our "last house" in Balara. Worst feeling was when we moved out of Sir Bonnie's house. Letting go will always be heart breaking, and the fear of "what's next" will always be there. But the future holds great things for us. (ang lalim na,ah, Hehe) I miss you Joycee. :')

  3. @Kat: Yes, it is really hard to let go. I'm just thankful that the transitions have always been smooth. Thanks for dropping by.

    @Le: Whoah! I miss our college homes. And I miss you so much! Did you know, na may plan si Michole to visit our previous boarding houses and take pics of them? I'd like to do that.. let's go to UP soon. ^^