Christmas Gift Ideas for HER

Tuesday, December 13, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

It is once again the season of gift-giving! It always feels great to receive presents but there is greater joy in giving. But admit it or not, choosing the best gifts for our friends, relatives and family members can be a bit difficult.

So here are some gift ideas for the "girls" - for your mom, sister, aunt, female office mate, girlfriend, female friend, so on and so forth! Hope you find this helpful!

1. Bath Fizzies. Aside from being "mere" bath fizzies, these festive bath cubes inside a decorative jar, can be charming bathroom decorations as well. Customize the jars  for a more personal touch.

2. A set of make-up brushes. Girls love to look good. For sure, these brushes that come with a pouch would be much appreciated.

3. Nail lacquer. Available in all beauty shops and department stores in town. Just pick the perfect color for your friend, mom or sister. Visit The Faceshop and see their nail lacquer sets.

4. Earrings. Big, small, gold, silver, beaded or whatever, earrings are always must-haves. And a girl can never have too many! So, add a pair to her collection!

5. Necklace. To adorn a simple tee or make an evening dress even more bautiful. That flower necklace is cute and would surely put a smile on a girl's face. Find some cute ones at Forever21.

6. Paulo Coelho: The Complete Collection
(12 Books - The Pilgrimage; The Alchemist; Brida: The Valkyries; By the River Piedra I sat Down and Wept; The Fifth Mountain; Veronika Decides to Die; The Devil and Miss Prym; Eleven Minutes; The Zahir; The Witch of Portobello; The Winner Stands Alone). Nothing beats inspiration!

7. Shawl. Printed or plain. A shawl is a good company on typical days locked in an airconditioned workplace, cold nights and now that the dawn masses are about to start.

8. Planner. Girls love to plan. Every year, she looks for that perfect handy notebook where she could map out the rest of the year. Find one for her. Try Powerbooks, Fullybooked, National Bookstore and Marks and Spencer.

9. Hand Cream. See that cute Panda right there? It's Missing U Panda Hand Cream from Etude House. Grab one for her.

10. Wallet. Comes in all sizes and designs. The choice is really up to you. Just don't forget to leave a bill or two.

11. Bag. Handbag, slingbag. Leather bag or those cute ones made of bright fabric. A girl surely loves lots of bags.

12. Purse. For loose coins or for small accessories and other trinkets. 

But still, the best things in the world are not things. This Christmas season, more than the material things I guess the best present would be our presence. Spend time with family and friends and with them celebrate the true meaning of Christmas which is that unconditional love that the Father has shown us through His son, Jesus Christ.  

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