A Get Together with the Littlest Girl

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 Nicajoice 2 Comments

It's been almost three years since I graduated from UP. And it's been almost three years (too) since I moved out of my "college apartment". And it's been almost three years already that I have not woken up everyday seeing the faces of five women I used to face mornings with for, yeah, three years.

In this span of time, many things have changed. And one of the major (major) changes is the fact that one of us has already gotten married and is now blessed with a daughter. Three years back, we were her "kids" and we were very much pampered - with delicious food, genuine care, words of wisdom, a big sister to laugh with and a big sister with shoulders to cry on.

Now, we just can't help it but grow up on our own while still taking the time to check out on each other once in a while. At this point, it is expected that when we hang out, there wouldn't be just the six of us. Because there's a little lady (who's growing up too fast) who now has all our attention and all our pampering.

This little girl is Cara Denice...
Last Christmas was Cara's first. So, the excited Ninangs set out December 3oth as a housemates-reunion and a day of gift-giving to our cute goddaughter.

We had lunch at GloriaMaris. Too bad Michole couldn't join us that day. It'd surely be a lot more fun with all six ladies around.   

We enjoyed several kinds of chinese food. We also had shabu-shabu. But then, the highlight of the day was Cara receiving her first Christmas presents from us. She mostly got dresses (what would you expect from a bunch of kikay girls? hehe) and she got a new playmate too - a doll. ^^
I guess we looked more excited than the baby getting the presents. It's the joy of giving, folks!

The rest of the day had been filled with laughter. Each of us took turns in holding the littlest girl in the group. We took a lot of pictures, ate cotton candy, had manggang hilaw at bagoong, and milk tea. We went shopping for Cara's little dress too! The day was so much fun.

I surely can't wait for the next housemates get-together. It is something I always look forward to. Life has been much more interesting right now. We not only have our own lives to mind but we get to see a new life unfold before our very eyes. And in the next three years... we might see more lovely additions to the picture.