Korean Cultural Center of the Philippines

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 Nicajoice 2 Comments

Here is the second installment to my KCC visit.

Looking around had been brief because my purpose that day was to attend the jogakbo-pouch-making class. I had a bit of difficulty finding KCC's location. I was stuck in front of Jollibee along Rizal Drive and didn't know where to go from there. I texted my friend Apa, who works at KCC, to get some instructions but she did more than that. She actually went out to get me (after realizing that KCC was just in front of Jollibee if I just cared to cross the street).
I immediately took pictures when I got inside. I had a few minutes to spare,the class was scheduled at seven pm.

Apa led me to the exhibit hall - which at that time was adorned with Jogakbo (Korean traditional patchwork).

I was also lucky that the library was still open. Here are a few pictures I took. If I had time, I would surely love to hang out at this very cozy library. And how I wish I already had the skills to understand Korean books. My comprehension skill has not improve much since the last time I studied Korean language a few months ago.
도서관 is the Korean word for "library". The interior is really nice.
And there are a lot of interesting books to read.
Unfortunate for those (like me) who can't comprehend written
Korean yet, but I guess browsing through those interesting pages will do for now. :)
I was also told that we can watch Korean dramas inside. Yay!

Other interesting things to see at KCC... 
[top left] a wall filled with pictures of Korean dramas,
some of which were re-made for Filipino audience. [bottom left] Korean Language
classroom, maybe this is where the language classes are held(?)
한국어 means "Korean". 교실 means "classroom" :)
[bottom right] albums of various Korean singers/performers.
[top right] my favorite Korean boy group of all time - TVXQ!!!
[main picture] "culture" (문화) room.
[smaller pictures from left to right] korean traditional decoration
(don't have details for this piece);
Korean traditional percussion instrument;
Korean traditional fan, mostly seen as a wall decor. :)
Korean traditional masks
friendly KCC staff :)
Overall, my visit to KCC was very much worthwhile. I think I'd see myself more often in this place - attending events or even casual visits on idle days. I am also looking forward to new exhibits and other cultural gatherings where I get more immersed in a culture I have always been fascinated. 

Korean Cultural Center is located at:
2F Mancor Corporate Building,
32nd St. Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig city 1634 Philippines

For updates, like KCC's Facebook Page
or visit KCC's website


  1. love this post! sounds awesome and thanks for sharing all of your gorgeous pictures! -Audry Cece (www.thedontlovedare.com)

    1. Thank you Audry!! :) Just visited your blog too... :) very much inspiring! ^^