Merry Monday: People and Things

Monday, January 16, 2012 Nicajoice 2 Comments

Third Monday of the year. 16th day of the month. 1st day of the (work) week. Whenever it's work-related, days seem to be always the same. Highs and lows rarely happen... life in the office is a monotonous series of things to do. And thus, I'm so glad that I have a much colorful life outside its four walls.

Some of the things/people I am grateful for this Merry Monday.
- concerned friends who only want what is good for me. (I have to remind myself to listen to them and from there make my own "wise" decisions).

- clean home. Inspired by this post and by this line "i love myself enough to wash the shower curtain because i deserve to live in a clean home." I cleaned half of my apartment last Saturday. I cleaned the sink, threw away unnecessary things, cleaned up the ever present clutter on the table, swept the floor. Then last night, due to frustration and other bothering thoughts in mind that I'd like to ignore, I finished cleaning a major portion of the house - the bathroom. I mopped the floor and poured all my frustrations into scrubbing all the dirt that my eyes could see. Cleaning, just like writing, is a liberating act.

- short messages from my sister. I love it everytime she would text me simple messages like "ate, let's eat!", or "have you eaten dinner?" or "how's kuya ____?" haha. My younger sister sometimes acts as if she's much older than me. It annoys me sometimes but, it makes me feel loved most of the time. I'm glad that she thinks of me in some random moments of her day.

- generous younger brother. because of my brother's generosity, I'd be able to get the Marks & Spencer hand cream I've been wanting to buy and with some luck maybe grab a bag of toffee and jellies! hehe

How about you friends? Is it a Merry Monday too?


  1. It's a merry everyday!! :D Don't forget our date. ;)

    1. nice to know that le!! see you on the 28th! I can't wait! hehe