The Waiting Series: Lucky Charm

Friday, January 13, 2012 Nicajoice 2 Comments

It's 2012 friends! And It's Friday the 13th! Coincidentally, my post today is about luck. Good luck, in contrary to whatever belief that people have about this day.

Last year (January twenty-something),Ken, a dear friend of mine gave me this...

It's a twenty-peso bill folded into a tiny heart. He folded it himself - a lucky charm, he said. At that time, Ken was facing a challenge. It was matters of the heart. He was trying his might to fight for the woman he loves. I knew and felt he was damn serious about it. Although my heart ached seeing him all troubled and somehow "broken" I was glad that my friend found a woman worth fighting for. And he was putting a great fight. And that made me admire him so much more.

I was actually surprised when he handed me this cute little thing. From that day on, it found its home in my wallet and it was never taken out of there. And I have not really noticed that one year has already passed.

I don't really remember what Ken said that day. But I take that little heart as a wish from a dear friend - that I, too, may find someone who's worth fighting for, someone who'll also fight for me despite all odds. I am not really superstitious but I believe in luck. It's a mystery but it happens. Isn't it a bit of luck when you bump into a random person at one point then that chance encounter eventually evolves into something deeper? Or knowing that the person you like turns out to have a crush on you too? When two people love each other and do not notice millions of others who are far better in qualities - that is a miracle, lucky you might say.

So, it's 2012. And just like everyone else I'm a bit scared of what is in store for me this year. But I am excited too! I am hopeful. I am looking forward to so many wonderful things and experiences ahead of me.I am eager to meet new people and get to know better the friends I already have. I believe that all the wonderful possibilities are endless and it's up to us to take our share. 

I am still waiting for the ONE, fyi. haha. And it scares the hell out of me that I may not ever find him. Or find him but cannot have him. But the positive side of things far outweigh all the negatives. And I know that the good Lord is at my side - He's my real lucky charm.


  1. that heart looks cute<3