Flavor of the Month - Korean Cuisine

Friday, February 10, 2012 Nicajoice 0 Comments

Today's the start of a series (I wish to diligently post once a month) entitled "Flavor of the Month". And yes, this is all about food. Who doesn't love going around town discovering new delectable treats? And more so, who doesn't want to share such delights with friends? So, here I am sharing with you my January Korean food trip (yeah, I know, I'm a month behind. I promise I'd be on time in the succeeding posts ^^).

Korean food is nothing new to me. I've been captivated by its unique flavors since 2007 and I've been to a few Korean restos in the metro, mostly with Korean friends. What sets apart this recent food trip is the fact that I was with two Filipino, college friends (Grace and Valerie) and for the first time, I'll be paying the bill (or atleast one-third of the bill. You see, one of the perks of being a teacher to Koreans is that I get to eat Korean food for free, always).

We were in the Makati area and we wanted to eat samgyupsal or grilled pork-belly. It's like bacon but a bit thicker. So I asked a Korean friend for a recommendation. He said that the best place for Samgyupsal in the area is Minsok Restaurant. He texted the instructions and we were lucky enough to find the place easily. It's an authentic Korean restaurant somewhere near P. Burgos St. It's obviously a house converted into a resto.

{Korean letters read "Min Sok Saeng Deung Sim"}
We immediately ordered two servings of samgyupsal. One serving costs P300 pesos (roughly $7). The maincourse comes with a lot of different side dishes - typical Korean meal set-up.
{We had the pleasure of grilling the meat. It looked really appetizing.}
{These go with samgyupsal. Doenjang (Korean soybean paste) and gireumjang (sesame oil with salt and a dash of pepper). Greens like lettuce are used to wrap samgyupsal with rice, plus onion and garlic.}
{One of the numerous side dishes on our meal - steamed tofu with spicy sauce. This is really delicious and very healthy!}
{Kimchi or pickled vegetable.}
{Egg Jjim - this is a separate order and costs 200 pesos ($4). It's egg soup with spices, served warm. One of my favorites too.}
{Free Miso soup once you order two servings of any main course.}

We didn't order anything else because the side dishes were more than enough. Plus, you can ask for refills! But we weren't able to take much advantage of it because we were to shy to ask for more. haha.

The place isn't that awesome. I mean, interior deco-wise. But the food was really good and the restaurant owner is quite friendly. She told us to enjoy our meals and even said "thank you" before we left - very much hands-on. The waitresses are also accomodating. But, they didn't serve fruits after the meal, unlike other Korean restos I've been to before. But then again, it was all worth the money we spent. 

So, there goes my January food trip. Can't wait for the next one. I have not planned about it yet but I'm craving for something Mexican. Who wants to go with me?

By the way, here are the two lovely girls I shared this Korean food trip with: