The Waiting Series: Valentine's Day Edition

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 Nicajoice 2 Comments

Dear Future Love,

It's Valentine's Day! I bet you are planning your date later tonight or you've planned it already. If you are in a relationship right now, please do enjoy your time with her coz you'll be mine eventually! (evil laugh) But if you aren't, don't be sad because I have faith that we're gonna find each other soon.

Anyway, would you believe that in my 23 years of existence (ok, let's not count the years when I was younger than 18), I've only been on a V-day date once?! It was not even a romantic date. It was a date with a male friend who happened to be here in Manila for a work-related seminar and he didn't have a choice but to spend Valentine's Day with me because I guess, I was the only unfortunate female he knows who didn't have a date that day. We had dinner at a restaurant and he gave me flowers and we talked until the mall closed. It was an interesting and fun experience.

Even when I had a boyfriend, we never went out on a Valentine's Day date. Well, the relationship only lasted for a year so practically we only had one chance to date, coz the next V-Day, he was out of my life. Plus, he wasn't the romantic type. When I'd ask for flowers. he'd say it's too expensive and he'd rather buy me food.

But, I do love flowers. I love "love letters". I love small, sincere gestures that make the heart swell with joy. I love those things that make me laugh and cry at the same time. I am an every inch hopeless romantic.

I wonder what you are like. But I'm praying that you are a guy who isn't afraid to show tenderness. Someone who doesn't just utter words of love, but someone who does things out of love. Because to warn you, I am never the showy type, least to say affectionate. I have ways of showing how I feel but only a few people tend to get the meaning behind my actions or my words. But I'm working on that.

And I hope you don't mind reading letters. Coz I do love to write. And I tend to write long ones. You'd be bombarded with letters, believe me. And some people like my mother, always cry whenever I write letters for them. So, please don't be hesitant to shed some tears once in a while :)

Ok. I have to end it here. There'll be more and more letters to come. Take good care always. Have fun. Eat healthy. Exercise. Live well. And love hard. Until we meet.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


I'm going on a Valentine's Day event later.
Will you be there?
See yah! 

Here's a video I'd like you to see. It's my favorite movie plus one of my favorite songs. Awesome combination. Gives me goosebumps. :) Makes me believe in love so much more. :)


  1. I wore an all black ensemble today not because I hate Valentine's day but because I felt like wearing my new (black) top and leggings. Everybody thought I'm bitter :( I didn't realize it's Valentine's day until I saw a girl carrying a bunch of roses and heart-shaped balloons. I was on my way to work and I wanted to run back home to change my clothes because people were looking so strangely at me, however I was going to be late for work I still went back home so I decided to just let it be. My co-workers said I was probably feeling bad because I don't have a date. But it really was a coincidence. I felt so unlucky and embarrassed until I read your entry :) I am happy to see people around me celebrating Valentine's Day happily. I am not envious because I know one day, I will also have MY Valentine's Day.
    Happy valentine's Day Joicee ^_^

    1. aww... Happy Valentine's Day Jelly! I honestly miss you! I think we have not seen each other since the start of 2012. I miss our girls' night out. I wish that you find a deserving person to spend Valentine's Day with next year and the years to come. Love yah! mwah!♥