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Thursday, February 16, 2012 Nicajoice 1 Comments

My niece is turning two years old on the 22nd. So, I made this simple photo card for her. I miss her so much, looking at her cute picture gives me teary-eyes. I can't believe she has grown so fast. When she was a tiny baby, I used to cradle her until she would fall asleep. She was so small she could perfectly fit on my lap, and she would snooze right there.

I loved it when she would laugh whenever I mimic the "meow" of a cat or a "tweet" of a bird. She loved that game.
I'm sure you all have loved ones you'd like to feel special on their birthdays or even on ordinary days. Wanna make photo cards for them?

I have good news! Download these scrapbooking design kits now! Each piece is really gorgeous. If you are a regular visitor of this blog, mix and match them with the ones you already have. And if you're new here, welcome! and start collecting such awesome design packs.

These two are up for grabs this Thursday! (But regular postings will be done every Wednesday, there was just some sort of delay in delivering these design packs this week). 



What we have this week are 4" x 6" Photocards.  Use them to create photos for printing, create postcards, or add to a larger layout and use as a photomat!

Please take note that these are .png files and are not MyMories Suite Templates. You can use them with any software but it would be best to use them using MyMemories Suite V3.

If you have not purchased MyMemories Suite, you can do so here. Use this code STMMMS24085 to save $10 on your purchase and get $10 gift certificate to the online store.

Don't miss the chance to download these kits today! Try them out and share your creations here. I'd love to see them and I'm sure others would like to get some designing inspiration from you!

Happy scrapbooking! And have a happy Thursday! 

P.S. Come back next Wednesday and you'll get another kit! Because all of you are so dear to me! :)

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  1. aw, she's so cute!!

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