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Friday, March 16, 2012 Nicajoice 1 Comments

Since I started blogging, I developed this fondness in taking pictures even of the most insignificant things, especially food (for documentation purposes, I thought). So, here goes an overload of food pics from last week and this week (and a couple of "scene shots" if you'd call them that way coz I can't help but post them.

Bits and Bites
1. almonds! i have to admit that i've only eaten almonds when they are all over my favorite ice cream or chocolate coated. so, eating them bare in all their nutty glory is so fun. haha
2. wendy's chicken fillet burger is love!! wanna eat it again.
3. wendy's sundae with coffee jelly. yummy! first time to eat at wendy's last thursday, right before going to a prayer meeting at the makati feast.
4. cafe latte. coz i was too sleepy at work and a dear friend suggested i needed caffeine. so went those two cups of vendo cafe latte into my gigantic mug!
5. seattle's best milktea. hate to say this, but i was disappointed. too sweet. too creamy. but it was my sole companion last friday night when i was thinking over my very complicated love life.
6. serenitea milktea classic-assam. delicious! i had it with crystals. a little treat to self on a lonely tuesday morning.
7. ramyeon (korean noodles). heaven-sent. i prayed to God for ramyeon (seriously), and last friday night - voila! ramyeon was served for dinner at my student's house.
8. taparazzi lechon kawali with egg, and achara (pickled shredded papaya). pay-day treat for self!
9. soysauce with chili and calamansi. the sauce that goes with lechon kawali.
10. moist chocolate cake topped with halo-halo icecream. how sinful can it get?? i didn't have it though, coz i was too full i felt like my tummy's gonna burst. i just took a picture.
11. moist chocolate cake for the birthday girl - ate jane.
12. pistachio ice cream! one of my favorite flavors in the world!
13. at serenitea the fort!
14. walking along burgos circle, the fort. still with a heavy heart. day 2 of moving on. 

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