Daniel, Class and Cats

Thursday, March 01, 2012 Nicajoice 2 Comments

I didn't see my student for a few days because I got so busy. Those few days felt like ages, I thought he wouldn't remember me anymore or worst, his mom would fire me. 

Last night, I finally had time to teach again. As I entered the living room, I saw Daniel busy doing something on the computer. He was copying the lyrics of Jellicle Cats into a word document as well as the lyrics of Mr. Mistoffelees. He said "I wish tutor was not here, I am so buSY!". He was obviously having a hard time so I offered to help. Kids are sometimes so stubborn. He said he could handle it. So I asked, "What is that for? Is it a homework?" 

He grabbed his dictionary and said, "Wait teacher, I always forget this word". He typed in a Korean word and showed the search result to me. "Ah...performance. Are you going to perform this in school?" I asked. "Yes", he answered. Apparently, the school is staging a theatrical performance this weekend and Daniel is a part of the "Cats" production. I think he'd look so cute in a cat costume. 

He finished compiling the lyrics and was about to print them. But the printer kept on printing the wrong pages and it didn't stop no matter how many times he would turn it on and off. I gave him instructions but he wouldn't listen to me. When it terribly got out of hand, I told him to click the printer icon on his desktop and cancel all the wrong documents. He did as he was told. Alas, the right documents came out of the printer. He was relieved and said a sweet "thank you, Teacher!". Aww... so cute! :) 

For a few minutes, we watched the Cats video on youtube as he was marking his lines on the lyrics sheet. He felt all grown-up doing that kind of stuff. And I was glad I gave him a bit of independence that night too. Then he showed me the seating arrangement of the theater where they would perform this Saturday. His mom's seat in the front row was encircled. As expected. she got the most expensive seat in order to see his son perform. Then Daniel asked me where I'd like to sit. I said, I'd like to sit in the front row too. And I'd love to watch him but I can't. Still, he encircled the seat I chose. :) 

Although he is a bit naughty sometimes, I love this kid dearly. And have I told you that he's been calling me "mama"? Well, it's a bit weird. It's funny and heartwarming, but strange. 

Anyway, let me leave you with this .gif image of Daniel showing me his "trick" last night. (Made through Picasion).

And this video of Mr. Mistoffelees, so cool, right? I love this part and I'd love to watch CATS live! (I wish!)



  1. Haha what a funny guy! I bet he keeps you laughing :)

  2. Yeah! He is such a funny guy and i love him to bits! thanks for dropping by Katie! :)