Taking Healthy Living One Step at a Time

Monday, October 01, 2012 Veronica Joyce 1 Comments

i guess as we grow older, we tend to be more conscious of what we eat. and i am at that stage in my life when i am taking conscious efforts to take in healthy food, plus cooking my own meals gives me a sense of joy and satisfaction. for almost two weeks now, i have cut down my intake of fastfood. i am trying to eat vegetables, fruits, chicken and fish more. and i am fighting the urge to stock on chips and other junk, although i'm honestly still struggling in that area. 

last weekend, i tried out this recipe - lemony tuna and olive oil pasta.  it looks so easy to make. and yes i was able to prepare the dish with a few alterations. I used butter instead of olive oil, i left out crushed red pepper and parsley too but i guess including those ingredients would surely make this dish even more flavorful. click the link to see complete list of ingredients as well as the procedure. 

the recipe also doesn't include grated cheese, but i love mine with lots and lots of it. :) so, has anyone of you, blogger friends, tried out a new healthy recipe today? i'd love to see what you have in there. 

have a great week everyone!

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  1. Fruits and pasta... Hmm. Seems good! While I haven't really tried to eat healthy recently, I've been making an effort to increase the amount of physical activity I do. My work involves being around the PC all day... So you can imagine how little activity is required. ; 3 ;

    Kudos to you for trying out a healthier option! I should probably do that too!