a love letter {link-up}

Tuesday, February 12, 2013 Veronica Joyce 6 Comments

hello there, lovelies! today, i am linking up with Joelle at something charming. she came up with this fun valentine's day-related  post - handwritten love notes. it's that time of the month again when we all get extra romantic. so, here's what my letter looks like.

 photo letter4_zpsb1346d9f.jpg
i am sorry you have to squint a little so you can read my message to "love". yes, i can be a bit cheesy on valentine's day (or a day before v-day to be exact). these days, i use the computer more often to type and sometimes it's a lot more convenient. there was a time when i wasn't very comfortable holding a pen anymore. and i thought it wasn't right. so, to this day i still keep an old-school handwritten journal, plus my planner is all messed up with my handwriting and i still write a few notes/letters to friends and family every now and then. 

 photo letter2_zps5a2b0cf1.jpg

the link-up is open until the 18th. so what are you waiting for, write your letter now. happy valentine's day everyone!

Something Charming



  1. oh how beautiful! you make me want to improve my script :)

  2. That's so a good idea, so cute! Plus, love your handwriting! Haha.

    - Katelyn

  3. what a nice letter and I love your writting, it's cute :) stopping by from the linkup.