Food For the Body, Food For the Soul

Wednesday, February 05, 2014 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments

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If you are going to visit Robinson's Magnolia any time soon and are in the mood for a filling and sumptuous Filipino meal, do drop by Elias. I was there last Saturday for three of my friends' late birthday celebration. The photos above are just some of the yummy dishes we were able to enjoy for dinner.

Kamatis, Mangga, Itlog na Maalat, Sibuyas at Bagoong
A platter of diced crisp green mangoes, tomatoes, onion, salted egg and shrimp paste in a bed of romaine lettuce. It's a refreshing salad that truly pumps up one's appetite.

Sautéed Prawn Gambas cooked in Olive Oil & Garlic
Savory meaty prawns. The best-seller that night.

Chopped Green Beans cooked in Coconut Cream with Shrimps, Onions & Chilis
Bicol express lovers who'd want to avoid to much fat, you'd enjoy this.

Classic Garlic Kangkong
It's garlic-y water spinach topped with slices of fried pork belly.

Lamb Short Ribs cooked "Adobo Style

Sinigang na Baboy sa Sampalok
Slices of pork and tamarind soup with the usual veggies - string beans, radish, etc. 

Sinigang na Pompano OR Apahap sa Bayabas

Everything was delicious except that Carriedo and Cordero servings weren't that enough. Well, at least they said they're good for 2 to 3 people, well not 3 really. I wasn't able to taste Cordero though. According to my friend, it was a bit on the dry side so he didn't like it much. If it was juicier, i would have been a different story.  I've never liked lamb so not tasting it was fine with me. All in all, the service was great. Ambiance was so-so; nothing exceptional, much like a restaurant frequented by families and groups of friends - air filled with chatter and laughter. By the way, they also serve a complimentary slice of cake for any customer celebrating his/her birthday and a matching cheery birthday song!

Check out Elias' menu, here.

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Get-togethers make me feel so excited because it means reconnecting and renewing friendships. It's not really about the food or the place but the people I get to spend quality time with. Last Saturday was one get-together I'm truly glad to be a part of. It was meeting a group of friends who has immensely influenced my life. I met them almost four years ago, a year after college - at a moment when I was finding purpose and I was rebuilding and strengthening my relationship with God. They helped me become a better person by, first and foremost, loving God - who remains perfect, loving and merciful even when I am imperfect, unlovable and unforgiving. They made me see the beauty of gathering as one, praying as one, praising the Lord as one and the miracles that happen thereafter.

It is not everyday that we get to meet people who touch our lives in so many wonderful ways. And I am grateful because I met a few good friends and I get to keep them. This year, I am looking forward to more getaways and adventures with these people and the rest of our "caring" group. Meetings with them are always insightful, inspiring, refreshing.

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