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Friday, January 31, 2014 Veronica Joyce 0 Comments

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The first month of 2014 is over. After this, I'm sure the rest of the months will just whisk by.

Since the year started, I have made sure that I "live each day with a purpose". I read somewhere that you know you're getting older when you think about productivity - making sure that you won't let a day pass idly by. That a day can't be an ordinary day, it shouldn't be an ordinary day. Whether I keep doing the same things five days a week, I try to keep in mind that those things mean something for my future and for someone else's. I love January because it feels like starting anew - that it is a good time to start a good habit. 
I particularly enjoy my weekends, because I get to do things out of my usual routine. I get to go to a different place, meet new people and bond with friends. The collage above is what my January looked like.

1// New recipe! I've cooked tuna carbonara a couple of times this month. It's perfect for my taste - creamy, cheesy, savory. 

2// Daily essentials - planner and post-its. I've been diligently filling out the pages of my planner from day 1. I've also used tiny post-its to highlight important things/learning/events/decisions/achievements.This allows me to organize my thoughts, prioritize things-to-do and document important (and inspiring) life events.

3// Feast! I spent the first Thursday of the year at the Makati Feast and I am glad I did. :) It was so nice to sing praises for the Lord, as well as to pray and believe that this is the best year ever. That tons of blessings are on the way.

4// Launch of The Hub Bar and Cafe. The first blogger event I've ever attended. It was a fun and delightful experience.

5// Rizal Park. Loved that one afternoon at the park. I took a few pictures and just walked around.

6// Children Without Borders. Last Saturday, I was able to go to Payatas in an outreach activity with the children of an organization called Children Without Borders. My office mates and I prepared a short story-telling activity for them and of course some games and snacks. The kids were really happy; you could see the sparkles in their eyes.

7// Healthy eating. One of my preferred late-night snacks.

8// Cottolengo Filipino. My 5th visit to Cottolengo Filipino was as moving and as inspiring as the first. It was great to see that the kids have grown healthy and strong and as jovial as ever. I was also given a chance to share about my reflections and experience with this special kids in a 30-minute session with the members of Mukha-Ad's batch 24.

9// Reunion. After more than four years after college, I met my former housemates and college friends once again. We had a great time over lunch - shared delicious dishes, stories and gifts. Plus, little Cara was with us, giving us more reasons to be incredibly grateful for that "once in a blue moon" moment.

How about you friends, how's life lately?

By the way, happy Chinese New Year! :)

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