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Seoul is definitely an urban jungle. The view from Namsan Tower clearly shows the skyscrapers thriving in this city and its neighboring districts. But, it is also important to note (and very much admirable) how almost every corner you'd turn to is lined with trees and flowering plants - parcels of green land are creatively and strategically enmeshed with the modern landscape. My 6th day in Korea started out with a morning walk inside Seoul Forest, an eco-friendly zone that used to be a hunting ground for royalties and currently considered a premium park in Seoul.

Here's a continuation of my Korea adventure. I hope you enjoy the photos!

 photo IMG_2982_zps0a416af3.jpg  photo IMG_2994_zps48931422.jpg  photo IMG_2979_zps05a2ff7a.jpg  photo IMG_2969_zpsac3c4ae1.jpg  photo IMG_2987_zps2c92bde2.jpg  photo IMG_2974_zpsfa69543e.jpg  photo IMG_2989_zps48c5f9ce.jpg  photo IMG_2984_zps96007e33.jpg  photo IMG_3010_zpsa47c5e7a.jpg  photo IMG_3017_zpsdf5c197d.jpg  photo IMG_3018_zps9c602e34.jpg  photo IMG_3019_zps3181156d.jpg  photo IMG_2973_zps15721123.jpg  photo IMG_2970_zps6b83b2cd.jpg  photo IMG_2977_zpsfe9e8fcc.jpg

The forest was huge, I bet I wasn't able to explore even half of it. The bridge in the photo above is my favorite spot. From there, you can take a good look of the area and snap gorgeous photos. On the day I was there, there were a lot of kids, probably on a field trip, running around taking notes of what they see and feeding lettuce to deers. There were also a lot of people jogging and riding bicycles. There were different kinds of birds flying from tree to tree, the streams were teaming with fish and garden plots were filled with flowers and veggies.

Apart from walking around, I also went inside a butterfly garden and had a  blast taking photos and videos. I loved how green the place was and I am sure that it'll be much more beautiful in fall. 

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