Reasons to Thank God For

Friday, June 03, 2011 Nicajoice 0 Comments

I’ve been quiet for a while. I haven’t written a single note since Mid-May. I can’t seem to put into words my very active lifestyle recently. The only time I stop doing and thinking about things is when I finally rest my exhausted body at night. And believe it or not, even in my dreams, I am haunted by my busy waking days.

At this time, I occupy myself with my “8-hour full time job”, “15-hours a week part time job” and "10 hours a week Korean class". It is with the little free time I have left that I try to squeeze in moments of rest, bonding with friends and intimate but often short conversations with God (this I promise to lengthen as soon as possible). Sometimes in the whirlwind of activities and events, where I often find myself drained and wasted, pops the inevitable questions: Why are you doing these, Joyce? Do all of these make you happy?

Honestly, I sometimes find it hard to figure out the significance of all these things. Sometimes, I forget the purpose behind my desire to work round the clock and earn so much more. More often, I let out a deep sigh and ask myself if this is all worth it. When our vision is clouded with negativity coupled with fatigue, we might immediately conclude that life sucks! But, if we just try to sit back and see the bigger picture, we'd realize that life is still beautiful despite our hurts, complaints, and broken dreams. It is with our own hands that we make our existence fruitful, and it is with our positive thoughts that we are able to go on and refuse to see this as a lost battle.

Why am I doing all of these? It all boils down to the fact that I want to be blessed and be a blessing. And do all of these make me happy? Yes!

The fulfillment that I get every time I see the fruits of my labor just gives me a different kind of high. It's inexplicable. It is beyond words. My friend, Victor, once shared his dream of earning so much and giving some of his earnings to his mom. He thinks it would be awesome. Yes Vic, that would be truly amazing. Sometimes, it hurts but it is rewarding, fulfilling, overwhelming.. always!

So instead of focusing on the negative things, I want to linger on the more positive side of life. Here are some of the things and people I am truly grateful for in the past weeks.

Good Food: May it be the expensive kind or just a simple one, it never fails to cheer up and satisfy a hungry and lonely soul. (First pic taken at Casa de Armas with good friends, Gaze and Le. 2nd pic: Ramyeon, prepared by my student, Yohan during one of our weekend classes.)

Workflow Proficiency: It was announced, last April 1st, that I have successfully achieved proficiency in "Business Entities". In short, I have mastered my workflow processes and can do my tasks with very minimal supervision. Cheers to the Business of Law - MGC Team! I thank God for giving me patience and dedication and for making it possible for my work to be appreciated and recognized.

Coffee: I am not much of a coffee drinker but the thought of having one, may it be mocha latte or choco java chip, excites me because it means bonding time with friends. I think, coffee is best shared with such amazing people. So I thank God for the coffee and the people I share it with.

Time with Friends: Everyone has been busy and dealing with his/her own share of tears and joy. But, I thank God for simple joyous moments where all of us can just relax and think about happy thoughts.

Cotton Candy in the Sky: Lastly, I thank God for His everyday miracles. Sometimes, when we are depressed or in a hurry, we simply forget to look up. And then, we just miss the beauty of a clear blue sky and the clouds that look amazingly like floating puffy pillows, cauliflower, or cotton candy. It's amazing that the sky is blue... it relaxes and soothes the mind. Just imagine if the sky is red or gray, we'd all feel sad and lonely.

There are so much more to life. Sometimes, I wish I could stretch the day and make it longer than twenty-four hours.. but there is a reason for everything. Realizing how short a day is, pushes us to make the most out of it. And if I were to choose how to live my life I'd still pick the hectic-almost-restless-but-meaningful existence.