Dear Faceless-Nameless-Mister,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011 Nicajoice 2 Comments

I'd like you to know that I want my steak well done.

A friend told me last Saturday that it's supposed to be medium or rare. And he laughed at how I refused to take a bite of that seared tenderloin, unless he'd slice off the top and bottom grilled layers for me and have the middle part all to himself. Call me ignorant, but I can't bear to eat stuff with anything that resembles blood in it. I have a thing against anything raw - sushi, sashimi, sometimes even raw veggies. See? Those are the expensive kind. I'm low maintenance, isn't that great? :)

A meal is supposed to be pleasurable. And for me, any food is fine and any moment is delightful as long as you are next to me. And as long as I don't imagine myself as one of the Cullens devouring a bloody beast. :/

Waiting for you,

the girl who sometimes think being vegan is the way to go, but thinks otherwise when she sees and smells "adobo" and "liempo". :D

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  1. I like my steak well done, too, and I don't eat sashimi and raw stuff (except vegetables. I eat vegetable salad ^__^). I'm afraid of the bacteria that weren't killed in uncooked meat.

  2. I so agree Kat. It's the blood and the bacteria that goes with it.. 0_o.. I'm not a fan of vegetable salad, but I'm starting to appreciate it. As we grow old, we just become more health conscious. hehe. Thanks for dropping by :)