Christmas Gift Ideas for HIM

Thursday, December 22, 2011 Nicajoice 3 Comments

I am sure I'm not the only person who thinks that it's quite tough to pick gifts for men. Even for those who are close to us, choosing the right gift can be a challenge. What more if we have to or would like to give presents to male friends we have not really known for a long time?

Good thing is, no one can really refuse a gift whether he likes it or not. But then, let me give you some Christmas gift ideas for the guys in our lives - dad, grandpa, boyfriend, brother, male office mate or a mere boy (space) friend. I hope these suggestions help!

1. Stuffed toy. I do think guys like this cute thing too! Even the totally masculine type of guys. I think other kinds of stuffed toy can be much appealing aside from the usual teddy - say, a puppy, a monkey or a crocodile?! :)

2. Toner. Guys are becoming vainer these days. And if we girls think we are the only ones who have the right to have those beauty rituals, we are absolutely wrong. I guess they'd appreciate this Herb & Relief Homme Sebum Control Toner from The Faceshop. 

3. Wallet. I think, guys rarely change wallets and they stick to their century-old ones. Maybe it's time to replace Dad's dilapidated wallet. Nice leather wallets are available in different sizes, styles and prices.  

4. Shirt. I think I'd go for the basic tees with less design. This way, we don't have to worry much about the guy's preference or style. Plain bright colored shirts are also nice (I guess).

5. Handkerchiefs. Most men sweat a lot. And most guys I know always have hankies on their pockets. It won't hurt to add some more to their collection. :)

6. Foam Cleanser. Because guys have to keep their skin cleansed too. Try Herb & Relief Homme Foam Cleanser from The Faceshop perfect for all skin types and suggested for skin nourishment, 

7. Baseball cap. But not every guy looks good with a cap on. hehe. But you'll definitely know. I think grandpas love caps too specially when they go out for a walk on a sunny morning.

8. Pen. This one's for the professional males, like your boss or officemate or for male friends who are still in school. Parker Pens are almost always the best choice because of its wide array of classic and stylish pen selections. But it can be a bit pricey.

9. Watch. I personally think a guy who wears a watch kinda looks nice and responsible :) And if we don't want them to miss their appointments, it's such a sweet gesture to give them one this Christmas.

10. Neckties. Again, for the professional guys. A necktie can totally change a simple polo and can add variety and zest to an ordinary office wear. Experiment with designs and colors.

11. Belt. A sturdy, good quality belt is a must have for every man. Thus, gifting one would be greatly appreciated.

12. Tumbler. Men sweat a lot so they have to keep themselves hydrated. Perfect gift for sports buff friends. 

But then again, as I've said before, the best things in the world are not things. This Christmas season, more than the material things I guess the best present would be our presence. Spend time with family and friends and with them celebrate the true meaning of Christmas which is that unconditional love that the Father has shown us through His son, Jesus Christ.  

May we all have a meaningful Yuletide Season. Merry Christmas!!
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