it's not that easy

Monday, May 07, 2012 Nicajoice 1 Comments

"pick me. choose me. love me"
-Meredith Grey


preferences. decisions. principles. they are things that complicate life. and yet they are things that give life meaning. to decide to say something, do something or not to (entirely) entails certain consequences that one must irrevocably face. what hurts the most? to choose to be courageous (because you think everything is worth fighting for) and be denied of the thing or person you want the most? or to choose to keep your silence (because it's an added burden to someone's already unbearable yoke) and still be denied the thing or person you want the most?

sometimes, life doesn't give us much choices. or are we just too scared to pick one? and simply settle with the less controversial, or the less hurtful, or the less challenging.

pick me. choose me. love me. would you dare ask these? and be ready to hear the response?

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